Event API - Best way to send large text (4K)

I would like to send up to 4k of text in an event. I see that a description is limited to 1024 characters. Do I have any options to create an event with this size of payload?
What about this?
details: object
An arbitrary JSON object containing any data you’d like included in the incident log.

How big can this field be?


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You should be able to send more details about the incident using the custom_details. However, if the plan is to use a whole blob of text up to 4K, please clarify.


Hi Chiedu,

Yes, we would like to send up to 4k of text. I looked at the details object and the documentation says the results are saved to the incident log. I was unable to locate the incident log in the mobile app or the web application.


Hi Nathan,

That limit is just for the Description field of the incident which becomes the title of incidents and that’s displayed in various places within the Web UI.

Fields within custom_details of the Events API payloads can be much longer. There isn’t a specific character limit for fields within the custom details, but instead, a size limit that the entire payload must be beneath and which you are unlikely to reach for normal use cases

Hi Malcom,

Thanks for the reply. How would I view the custom_details in the mobile app? A key requirement for us is that the user doesn’t have to go digging to view the long description.


Hi Nathan,

The mobile app shares the custom_details is displayed within the incident’s details as well as within the alert’s details if there is more than one alert tied to your incident.

I can confirm that the details sent as under details of V1 Events API and custom_details of the V2 Events API.

If you’re able to see the data within the web UI but not the mobile UI, it would be great if you can send a Support ticket with the incident URL and a screenshot of what you see within the mobile app.


I was able to pass 4k of characters using the details object in the v1 Event API. Thanks to everyone who replied!


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